Ticketing Concourse

Union Station, Los Angeles, CA

In 2017 EverGreene commenced a three-stage contribution to the restoration of the historic Los Angeles Union Station. The second stage of this restoration involved the revitalization of the ceiling tiles of the ticketing concourse. The ticketing concourse of the station features an exposed truss structure, mimicking large Spanish-style beams. Housed between these beams are tiles – adorned with intricate Mission Revival designs. Over years of use and water damage, the tiles had become dulled and deteriorated. EverGreene was tasked with bringing these tiles back to their original glory. The other two stages consisted of the restoration of acoustic tile and the restoration of the ceiling tiles of the entry vestibule and the waiting room.

The project began with a detailed assessment and testing phase to understand the extent of the damage and to determine the best way to proceed with restoration. Performance mock-ups were created to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the restorative approach. After a thorough evaluation of the ceiling tiles and truss structure, areas of damage were determined and sample panels were developed for further testing and assurance of accuracy. On-site, the beam structure was wrapped with a plaster stabilizing material, to ensure maximum durability. Compromised acoustical panels were replicated and reinstalled with the implementation of previously tested techniques. The intact panels were carefully cleaned, removing years of grime, and our artists began the cleaning, stenciling, and repainting of all ceiling designs and finishes, matching the historic color palette and maintaining the original integrity and vibrancy of the Mission Revival designs.

The restoration of the Ticketing Concourse ceiling was a resounding success. EverGreene’s efforts brought back the original historical and aesthetic value of the ticketing concourse, without sacrificing its originality or integrity. The revitalized ceiling tiles, now reflect the grandeur and elegance that defined the Los Angeles Union Station in its heyday.