U.S. Capitol Hall of Columns

Washington D.C

Over the course of 4 years, EverGreene restored scagliola and faux marble walls and columns in the U.S. Capitol Hall of columns and vestibule.

The U.S. Capitol Building contains both true scagliola and marezzo scagliola. A section of the scagliola walls in the vestibule has been damages when elevators were added to the building in the 1950’s. EverGreene restored the scagliola and faux marble to match.

Conservators determined that the surface of eight scagliola panels had blurred and discolored due to multiple layers of non-original surface coatings. EverGreene restored these scagliola panels by removing overpaint and non-original surface coatings, stabilizing and consolidating delaminated plaster, and infilling areas of loss.