U.S. Capitol Dome

Washington, DC

Few structures are more iconic than the United States Capitol, and the building’s crowning feature is the neoclassical dome designed by Thomas Walter. While the dome is still as stunning and impressive today as when it was completed in 1866, the years of wear have taken their toll. A massive effort to restore the dome, begun in 2014, is underway and EverGreene is restoring the historic decorative paint in its interior as well as restoring plaster and paint in Bulfinch staircase and skylight. EverGreene has completed a total of ten projects at the US Capitol to date.

EverGreene conservators conducted an investigative survey of the dome’s current condition through visual evaluation and microscopy to develop a restoration plan for the impressive monument. EverGreene was also tasked with completing the restoration while the rotunda remained accessible to the public.

Restoration of the dome began in May 2015. EverGreene craftsmen, using both mechanical and traditional techniques, are restoring the damaged decorative plaster, paint and glazes on the interior to their earlier appearances. Extreme care and diligence is being taken to ensure that as much of the original finish is preserved as is possible. The project was completed over multiple phases in October 2015.