When The Curtain Goes Up

It’s been over a year since theaters across the country started temporarily closing their doors and postponing their shows. To say we miss them is an understatement, but we know the performing arts industry is resilient. 

While “the show must go on,” there’s uncertainty about how and when that will happen. Theaters have turned their parking lots into outdoor movie venues, shifted entire seasons to webcast cabarets, and reduced their seating capacity by 75% to keep their doors open. 

Adversity is nothing new for theaters. Back in 2016, a member of our staff attended  the annual LHAT conference where she heard about  theaters that survived the 2008 recession. They were able to remain open amidst financial strife because of the deep commitment of their communities

We regularly witness communities banding together to keep their theaters alive, which speaks to the power of theaters, enhancing local culture and revitalizing neighborhoods, entire towns, and cities. When adversity strikes, theaters serve as a cultural beacon of hope. 

While other institutions might be shutting their doors, it gives us hope to know that theaters across America will continue to be restored to gather people in welcoming, inclusive environments. Inspired by the resilience of the theater community, EverGreene is providing conservation and restoration services to ten theaters across the country at this very moment. 

We look forward to joining fellow theater lovers at a show when these venues reopen!

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