Build in the present with respect for the past and regard for the future

Jeff Greene, Founder and Chairman of EverGreene Architectural Arts, was recently interviewed by Mark Miller, Chief Strategy Officer at Team One, an integrated media, digital, and communications agency, and co-author of Legacy in the Making (McGraw-Hill Education) on Jeff’s lessons learned on personal resilience, craft and quality, and prioritizing timelessness from the start by asking forward-looking questions like: “Will somebody still value this work 200 years from now? Will it still be fresh? Will it still have something meaningful people can take from it?” 

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We are living through a time where the way we work is changing to meet the needs of the moment. It’s hard to look beyond this instant because it often feels like there will be no business to tend to tomorrow if we can’t survive today. Yet, for many businesses, the surest way to a short brand life is to be nearsighted. In being so fixated on solving only for the latest crisis, we are ill-prepared for other changes around the corner. In contrast, companies that take the long view tend to be far more enduring. As leaders like Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, have demonstrated, when you have a clear sense of what you are trying to achieve over a lifetime, you can make faster, better decisions no matter what the current situation. The best short-term strategy is often a long-term one: to build in the present with respect for the past and regard for the future.

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