Restoration & New Construction

EverGreene combines state-of-the-art technologies with traditional craftsmanship and is home to the finest artisans in the country. Though much of our work focuses on historic restoration, conservation and preservation, EverGreene’s talented staff of craftsmen and artists are materials and finishes experts with encyclopedic knowledge of both historic and contemporary materials and construction methods and apply these skills to new construction as well.

Our years of hands on experience as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the history of materials and artistic techniques, we can offer practical solutions to site-specific problems, single-source responsibility, hands-on experience, an understanding of and strict adherence to schedules and budgets, and financial stability with insurance & bonding capacity.  EverGreene provides high-quality project planning, fabrication, restoration, and installation services nationwide. We collaborate with architects, designers and artists to provide the services necessary bring an original concept through to its completion and installation.

A building is a living piece of history, subject to the changes time bestows. Sometimes, these changes do irreversible damage to the historic finishes of the space, making it impractical or impossible to conserve the historic finishes. Restoration seeks to recreate these historic finishes through a combination of informed scientific study, artistic design, and skilled craft.

From ground up skyscrapers to intimate boutique hotel lobbies we have worked with architects, general contractors, construction managers and developers on both complex restoration works as well as new builds from conception to completion.