Carnegie Library

Washington, DC

Construction of the Carnegie Library in Mt. Vernon Square, Washington, D. C. Was completed in 1902. The symmetrical, Beaux-Arts building is constructed of white marble on a pink granite base with a copper roof and wood windows and doors. Architects Ackerman and Ross of New York designed the building. The building served as a Central Public Library for Washington, D.C. Until 1970 and was most recently renovated in the early 2000s. It is currently used as an events space, research library, and exhibit space.

We were contracted by Apple to evaluate the condition of the exterior stone and wood, and interior historic paint finishes. The goal of the assessment was to provide an accurate understanding of the materials and conditions of the building’s exterior structure and interior finishes. The study was focused on understanding the current conditions of each component and likely causes of observed deterioration for the purposes of identifying and quantifying recommended treatments. The survey team observed and recorded the location and extent of visible deterioration, attempted to characterize types of deterioration, and investigated likely causes where possible. In addition, the interior finishes were studied with the goal of understanding the original decorative schemes.

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