DC Police Memorial Fountain - John J. Earley

Washington, DC

The John J. Earley Fountain, located at the Washington Metropolitan Police Memorial and Museum, is an octagonal fountain designed in the studio of John J. Earley and constructed between 1941 and 1942. Over the course of his career, Earley used two distinct methods to produce his exposed aggregate concrete creations. 

Phase 1: EverGreene was retained by Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners to conduct an assessment of the fountain. The objective of the assessment was to accurately document existing conditions of the cast concrete fountain, plaza, steps, and benches, noting deterioration, determine causes wherever possible that led to the deterioration, and develop recommendation guidelines for treatments. The results of the assessment were then used to create a comprehensive scope of work for restoration of the fountain.

Phase 2: EverGreene completed a series of materials analysis and cleaning tests. The materials analysis included the investigation and characterization of the distinct exposed aggregate concrete and provided a formula to match the losses during restoration work. The results of the analysis and tests were then to create a methodology for restoration of the fountain.

Phase 3: EverGreene performed a complete restoration of the fountain. This included the removal, replication, and replacement of the eight mosaic shelf panels. The shelf panels refer to the mosaic panels with an aquatic motif located on the inside of the fountain. The conditions assessment performed in Phase 1 showed significant deterioration due to the constant interaction with the water within the fountain. The panels were removed and our DC Studio used petrographic analysis to match the aggregate original colors for the recreation of the shelf panels and the repairs and create mock-ups for replacement. Our restoration team additionally cleaned the fountain, plaza, and benches and patched and repaired cracks in the exterior panels, coping stone, and the plaza.

We collaborated with European Ornaments, on the recreation of the shelf panels, and Standard Restoration, to complete all the on-site work (cleaning, repairs, removal and re-installation of the shelf panels, and waterproofing installation).