Yale Dwight Hall Chapel

Yale University, New Haven, CT

Yale University’s Dwight Hall Chapel was originally a library built in 1840 by Henry Austin. In 1931, the library was renovated and converted to a chapel. The present faux stone plaster walls date to the 1931 renovation. They are scored and textured with aggregate to imitate blocks of stone with tinted transparent glazes applied to form a random pattern of natural looking stone.

EverGreene was engaged to perform a preliminary investigation throughout the library. The scope of work of this preliminary investigation included cleaning tests on paint and wood and visual plaster conditions survey. The plaster and paint were assessed in the main room, corridor, and common room.

EverGreene used a combination of dry and wet cleaning to clean the existing plaster in the side aisles, nave walls (not high clerestory), east wall (up to the limit of access), and columns.

Various cleaning solutions were determined and used depending on the condition and building materials. EverGreene’s intent was to assess and clean specific areas while ensuring that the most effective and least invasive method was used.

For plaster repairs, EverGreene patched sections of visibly damaged plaster and paint to blend with existing areas, paying particular attention to the discoloration at the base of the columns. Inpainting was also executed.