Stephen Glassman's Flows Two Ways

New York, NY

Flows Two Ways, a mammoth 60’x60’ sculpture by Los Angeles-based artist Stephen Glassman, refers to the Hudson River’s tidal nature and the interdependence of New York City and the Hudson River. This public art sculpture gets its name from the Mahican name for the Hudson, Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk. Meaning “the river that flows both ways,” the original Native American name references the river’s partially estuarine nature. Glassman, a native New Yorker, combined aluminum, stainless steel and metal in the work that sits opposite – and calls attention to – the entrance of Via 57, a significant residential project designed by Danish architects BIG.

For Flows Two Ways, EverGreene provided consultation and project management for the decorative stencil application to the façade boulders in the sculpture. Using Tnemec, a two-part specialty exterior metallic paint, EverGreene ensured the durability and visual continuity of the application.