Long Wharf Fountain

Cambridge, MD

The Long Wharf Fountain was built in this beautiful bayside town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to remember the local sons who served in World War I. The simple structure consists of a rubble wall basin around a similar rubble crenellated tower that holds the mechanical and electrical equipment for the display. Water projects from sprayers atop the roof structure and cascades into the pool. The display is enlivened by colored flood lights. Sited at the end of the main street to the harbor, the fountain is an important fixture of the town.

Structural concerns have plagued the fountain since it was constructed more than 70 years ago. The basin has leaked regularly and undermined the perimeter walls. The rubble stone construction has failed as the stones are not fully bedding in the mortar. Location of the equipment within the central structure has guaranteed that electrical equipment and controls have been subject to ongoing and extensive deterioration from high humidity and leaks. Iron elements, including a shelf angle lintel over the access door, have severely rusted. All equipment needed up-dating and replacement.

We were contracted to perform a comprehensive assessment of the fountain structure and controls. The site was surveyed and documented in AutoCAD drawings and annotated photographs. Exploratory pits were dug to assess the foundation and wall structures. A report documenting the findings was prepared to guide the planned restoration of the fountain.