Los Angeles Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles Theatre was constructed in 1930-31, reportedly in less than six months, before it opened on January 30, 1931. The opulent interior, designed by S. Charles Lee, included plaster ornamentation fabricated off-site and assembled in place to speed the pace of construction. The theatre, replete with rich marble, terra cotta, textile, ornamental plaster, wood, and decorative paint finishes, was the most lavish and last built of the movie palaces in the historic Los Angeles Broadway District. It retains much of its historic character and is a popular filming and photography location and event space.

Our conservators were brought in by Shahram Delijani to conduct a condition assessment of the reverse of plaster ceiling surfaces in the auditorium of the Los Angeles Theatre for the survey of the attic. The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate the condition of the historic suspended ornamental plaster ceiling assembly and attachment systems, to support the development of strategies for needed repair. EverGreene provided remedial and preventive treatment recommendations to address the deteriorating plaster ceiling, along with an annotated drawing of the attic mapping the location of each type of deterioration.