Missouri Botanical Garden

Saint Louis, MO

The Missouri Botanical Gardens closed from 1982 until 2013 when EverGreene was introduced to the project, and during that time was only opened for public eye on special occasions. The focal point for EverGreene’s restoration work was the interior of the Museum Building. The space boasts a two-story auditorium with a wrap around, second level balcony and is dominated by an ornate ceiling mural designed by French artist Leon Pomerade which includes over 90 species of plants. EverGreene preformed both a plaster conditions survey and a historic finishes investigation in the Tower Grove House that helped determine the proper course of restoration without inflicting any damage on the site.

EverGreene conservators were able to utilize the technique of exposure windows and, through the information gained through the various studies done, reveal any potential original decoration, the end goal being the recreation of the botanically accurate decorations on the ceiling. Due to damage found on a back room of the Museum Building, a 1930s drop ceiling was removed, only to reveal ceiling portraits of the five most influential men to the field of botanical study.

Both the murals on the ceilings in the main room and the back room were traced and then recreated on canvas in EverGreene’s Design Studio. After the recreations were finished they were then shipped is Missouri and installed onsite. In addition to the restoration of the decorative arts, modern additions to the structure were updated, such as restrooms and elevators, keeping in mind the integrity of the historic site while now providing a welcoming environment to the public since the reopening in 2017.