City Of Alexandria Public Art

Alexandria, VA

The City of Alexandria, Virginia, sponsors and maintains a wide and varied collection of public art for its residents, businesses, and visitors. Ranging from bronze sculptures to murals, modern concrete castings, and mixed media community projects, the collection comprises many different materials in varying forms, styles, and levels of deterioration. The variety and complexity of the collection, as well as its dispersed geographic nature, have made it difficult to create a comprehensive collections management plan thus far.

Our team performed a survey and condition assessment of this collection, which included both public and some privately owned (but publicly visible) artworks. Beyond documenting existing conditions in one concise narrative, we also developed preliminary recommendations for treatment along with conservation priorities. This was presented along with a preliminary budget for the treatment of each to help the city better plan for its short-term and long-term sculpture conservation needs. The final report included a written narrative and extensive photo-documentation, along with a spreadsheet matrix summarizing recommendations and costs.