St. Augustine Church

Covington, KY

In anticipation of St. Augustine’s 150th anniversary, the parish undertook a comprehensive renewal of the church’s interior.  The church had undergone many different post-historic decorative campaigns since 1870. As 2020 approached, much of the historic artwork was hidden under layers of over-paint and post-historic treatments, inhibiting the central purpose of the artwork — to support the liturgy.

A year ahead of the anniversary, St. Augustine engaged EverGreene to develop a liturgical artistry program to conserve the existing historic murals, reintroduce symbolic artwork that invites prayer and contemplation, and collaborate with other trades, all within budget. Striking features of the new scheme include a starry ceiling, Calvary mural behind the crucifix, shrine-specific patterning, and decorative finishes to better articulate the architecture. We were excited to work with the notable church furnishing company Ratigan-Schottler, who crafted liturgical furnishings designed by EverGreene.

EverGreene’s team of in-house studio designers, muralists, conservators, and field craftsmen delivered a project of exceptional quality on a tight deadline during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.