St. Mary's Catholic Center, College Station

College Station, TX
St. Mary’s Catholic Center, located in College Station, Texas, is a Catholic church completed in 2023 to serve the Texas A&M University student population, as well as local parishioners. It is the third church built to serve the university’s students, with the first two being built in 1927 and 1958. However, in recent years the need for larger facilities has become apparent, with services often being “standing room only.” The university is one of the largest in the country, hosting approximately 75,000 students, approximately 1/4 of whom are Catholic. For the past ten years the university has been in the process of building a facility large enough to accommodate all who choose to worship there.

With an understanding of the profound catechetical power of liturgical artistry, the Diocese of Austin, Studio IO, and the Brown Reynolds and Watford Architectural firm invited EverGreene to join the design team and contribute concept designs, prepare budgets, and work out logistics for the interior of the new St. Mary’s. This collaborative preconstruction process resulted in a phased implementation program.

St. Mary’s Liturgical Artistry Program features numerous murals created by our in-house designers, artists, and craftspeople, including imagery such as Christ in Majesty and a cloud of witnesses on the triumphal arch, mysteries of the rosary, adornment evoking Pentecost on the sanctuary ceiling and patterning, text, and decorative finishes in the cupola. In addition, stone column capitals and ceiling tiles were designed by EverGreene and created by partnering artisans. New stained glass was designed and created by Foster’s Stained Glass.

From the colors on the walls to the creation of each figure and stencil, EverGreene’s Sacred Space Studio used a combination of ancient techniques and cutting edge technology to help cultivate a love of Christ and Our Lady.