St. Peter the Apostle Parish

New Brumswick, NJ

St. Peter the Apostle Parish (and Rutgers Catholic Student Center) was designed by the renowned ecclesiastical architect, Patrick Keeley, and completed in 1865. By its 150th anniversary, the building still had very good bones, but had suffered an insensitive post-historic painting campaign which painted out historic decoration and implemented simplistic, out-of-scale stencils (which did not serve the architecture) using post-historic materials which were incompatible with the church’s historic distemper paint causing pathologies throughout. Water infiltration caused plaster to fall and murals to deteriorate.

EverGreene conserved the historic murals, consolidated the damaged substrate, secured flat and ornamental plaster, and developed a liturgical artistry campaign in harmony with St. Peter the Apostle’s historic art and architecture.

EverGreene worked closely with St. Peter’s team to: develop and implement a phased renewal program to address life safety concerns and systemic pathologies, create a decorative scheme guided by the architecture and historic precedent, and maximize the visual impact within the budget.