United Palace

New York, NY

United Palace was originally one of the five famed Lowe’s “Wonder Theatres.” The theater was originally called Lowe’s 175th Street Theatre and was designed by Thomas Lamb in 1930. The theater closed its doors in 1969 and was purchased the same year by the United Christian Evangelistic Association. The theater became the headquarters of the United Church Science of Living Institute and was renamed the United Palace.

In June 2013, a large section of the Palace’s ornate plaster fell from the ceiling due to water damage, which further impacted two other major regions of the ceiling. EverGreene replicated the plaster ornament in repair areas of loss. EverGreene conservators reinstalled the new plaster ornament and repainted it to mimic the existing decor.  Additionally, EverGreene cleaned isolated surface areas of the building. Old decorative paint was replaced with historically accurate decorative painting and stenciling.

EverGreene has been involved with remedial touch-up and maintenance work in the theater since 2014. The famed Washington Heights theater received landmark status from the city of New York in 2016. As of 2018, it’s called the United Palace of Spiritual Arts, but still offers performing arts events through the United Palace of Cultural Arts