Thomas Lamb Theaters

Theaters are an important part of every town or city across America. Source of entertainment and education, they bring people together and strengthen communities. Our work over the past 4 decades includes hundreds of theaters across the country and has brought us across many attributed to the most iconic theater designers. One such designer is Thomas Lamb.

Thomas Lamb was an American architect best known for his design of Vaudeville theaters and movie houses of the 1910s and 20s. He worked closely with Fox and Loew’s theater chains. His designs were integral in setting the standard for the large, lavish movie palaces of the time. Lamb has hundreds of theaters to his credit, 48 of them in New York alone.

Our portfolio includes several of Thomas Lamb’s early 20th century relics, allowing us to return them to their original awe-inspiring splendor. We invite you to browse our portfolio of some of the most notable ones below.

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