Laser cleaning.

Laser ablation, also called photo ablation or laser cleaning, is a relatively new method to clean historic surfaces in a safer, less invasive, and less disruptive manner than most traditional methods. It is one of the most precise and efficient means to remove specific types of soiling on historic buildings, monuments, and sculptures. The concentrated energy of the 1064nm Nd:YAG Q-switched laser can remove buildup without damage, leaving even delicate materials clean and intact. It is perfect for many historic surfaces, and environmentally friendly too.

As laser cleaning technology continues to evolve, training and education is extremely important. Our laser experts are certified by the Laser Institute of America as either Laser Safety Officers and / or Class IV Laser Operators on the safe application of laser, for a wide range of historic materials. We have a pool of both 100-watt and 500-watt portable lasers which enables us to address a variety of conditions and applications.

Our conservation team has used laser cleaning on some of the most significant historic properties in North America, including the U.S. Capitol and Jefferson Memorial.