Laser Cleaning

Historic building restoration often includes facade or other surface cleanings to help restore the original appearance.  Laser ablation (aka photoablation or laser cleaning), is a new technology that provides a way to clean historic surfaces that is safer, less invasive, and more environmentally friendly.

Laser light can be the most delicate and efficient means of removing certain types of soiling on historic buildings, monuments, and sculptures. The concentrated energy of the 1064nm Nd:YAG Q-switched laser light removes buildup without damage, leaving even very delicate materials clean and intact. This is what makes laser cleaning perfect for cleaning historic surfaces.  This method has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.  Our team has used laser cleaning in some of the most significant buildings in North America, including the US Capitol and the Jefferson Memorial.

Laser cleaning technology continues to evolve, but our team keeps up with developments through constant training. Our staff includes Laser Institute of America Certified Laser Safety Officers and trained Class IV Laser Operators who are certified and experienced with safe applications of lasers on a wide range of historic materials. We have a pool of 100 watt and 500 watt portable lasers that are suitable for a broad variety of conditions. The use of this technology is exciting and continues to grow. We are eager to apply it to any number of new and challenging projects. We look forward to assisting you to determine how laser ablation can work on your next project.

Video of Laser Cleaning the US Capitol Building: