From Broadway Dreams To Reality

Ever since I ran the NYC Marathon in 2018, I dreamed of living in New York City. I fell in love with the city again when I glimpsed the theater scene in 2019 after seeing my first Broadway show, Wicked. As I was applying for internships this year, my top choice was EverGreene Architectural Arts not only because I love architecture and storytelling, but also because I wanted to live and work in NYC. I had the amazing opportunity of joining the marketing team as an intern from January to August 2020.

As a senior at Northeastern University in Boston studying media and music, my internship at EverGreene was a perfect blend of many of my passions and professional skills. My responsibilities included taking and editing videos and photos of the artists in the Brooklyn studio for the company’s website and social media. I was also excited to visit active project sites across the city to document EverGreene’s work. I was interested to see firsthand what I’ve learned in class about the architecture of entertainment venues. Old movie palaces and current theaters impact everything from sound design, performance, screening, and audience experiences. My time with EverGreene allowed me to experience what I’ve studied at Northeastern, as theaters are one of their largest market sectors.

Not only did theaters define my work experience, but my personal experience in the city as well. Attending Broadway shows was the highlight of my time in New York, and I was lucky enough to see eight in total before Broadway went dark due to the pandemic. Every time I walk into a theater, I’m overwhelmed by the beauty and history of the space. Working at EverGreene gave me the chance to deepen my appreciation for the work that goes into preserving these beloved spaces, especially when I saw shows at theaters preserved by EverGreene.

New Yorkers told me that you can tell who the tourists are because they are always looking up. Even after living in NYC, the tourist inside me never escaped! I was fortunate to reside in the New Yorker Hotel with a clear view of the Empire State Building. I took a picture of this historic building every day because I never wanted to take my time there for granted. I would often pinch myself on the nights that I left work running to Times Square, to eat a dinner of Sprite and Sour Patch Watermelons at the theater. I’d snap my picture of the ESB lit up in a different color, show the doorman my room key and the playbill from my most recent show, and do it all again the next day. Sometimes dreams really do come true!

Authored by Madison Mitteness, 2020 Marketing Intern at EverGreene and a Northeastern University undergrad studying media and music