Ballantine House

Newark, NJ

The Ballantine House located in Newark, NJ was built in 1885 for the widely known P. Ballantine and Sons Brewing Company family. The house became a National Historic Landmark in 1985, bosting 27 rooms in total. Since then, the house has become a part of the Newark Museum where it is toured by countless visitors each year. The interior of the house is extensively decorated with a high degree of craftsmanship in traditional materials such as plaster, wood, paint, Lincrusta wallcoverings, metal, stone and ceramic tile.

EverGreene started work on the Ballantine House in January 2022. Our conservators performed an initial conditions assessment of the interior architectural features. Visual surveys, plaster sounding, cleaning tests, wood finish repair mockups, microscopy and photo documentation were all completed to help and support repair and restoration efforts. An expansive report was created detailing areas of damage within the Ballantine House to guide these efforts.

Following the conditions assessment EverGreene conservators started to perform conservation treatments in March 2022. Work was completed in the Entrance Hall, Vestibule, Stair Landings, Library, Music Room, Dining Room, Billiard Room, Parlor, and Reception Room. A variety of treatments were completed in each room from aqueous cleaning of the wall and ceiling, to re-adhering delaminating canvas, touching up wood, repairing plaster cracks, and touching up paint.