Hurricane Damage Assessment & Disaster Response

Perez Art Museum , Miami, FL

Contracted by the Perez Art Museum right after Hurricane Irma in 2017, we inspected the museum’s outdoor art collection and provided recommendations for immediate and long-term conservation treatments. The collection comprises of sculptures from important artists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, including Mark De Suvero, Anthony Caro, and Jedd Novatt. Conservation treatment recommendations addressed damages resulting from the storm as well as material degradation from ongoing exposure to the sub-tropical marine environment. We provided options for near-term mitigating preservation treatments that could be performed as soon as possible as well as long-term maintenance strategies that would require removing the sculptures from their sites.

Following the condition assessment of the art collection, the museum engaged us to implement the recommended conservation treatments on a selection of artworks. This included cleaning, corrosion removal, in-painting, and the application of wax coatings. The work was completed within a tight schedule to meet the client’s goals. Our conservators were further contracted to conduct ongoing maintenance for the Perez Museum’s outdoor art collection.