St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Winston-Salem, NC

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, designed by Betram Goodhue and completed in 1928, stands at the highest point in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Designed in the Neo-Gothic style, the stone masonry edifice boasts slate roofs and a massive bell tower at the intersection of the cruciform building plan.  The rustic granite blocks are accented with carved sandstone trim and tracery enclosing stained glass windows. Ornate bronze lantern light fixtures illuminate arched doorways.

In 2018, EverGreene’s conservators conducted condition assessment, testing, and treatment recommendations for cleaning and restoration of the exterior stone masonry of the Saints Paul’s Church building. Additional testing of mortar samples occurred in our laboratories following the on-site work. This study focuses on the 1928 Saint Paul’s church building. This study was conducted in parallel with an assessment of the exterior masonry, roofs, leaders, and gutters by Vertical Access LLC, which occurred during the same time. 

During the construction phase in 2019-2020, EverGreene provided on-site quality control services for the masonry restoration, and restored the bronze lanterns in our Maryland studio.