Sacramento Cathedral

Sacramento, CA


The existing interior had evolved into a blend of multiple decorative painting campaigns without period or stylistic unity. EverGreene undertook an in-depth finishes investigation, including a plaster survey and paint analysis, to identify the original color palette and multiple historic decorative paint schemes.


n collaboration with Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Cathedral representatives, EverGreene developed a decorative painting and mural scheme for the entire cathedral, narthex, and chapels that was based on the most historically significant campaign of the 1890s. Decorative elements that had been lost or painted over were recreated, and where no historical reference of decoration existed, EverGreene designed new decoration and murals compatible with the chosen scheme. Based on the research, EverGreene established realistic budgets, worked with the architect to develop building specifications, and developed maquettes and decorative finishes design documents for the newly reconstructed dome and all other public spaces.

Onsite Mock-Up Sample

As part of their Planning & Design services, EverGreene produced mock-up samples of representative decorative elements onsite, a crucial step in the restoration process in terms of design, budget development, quality standards, and construction logistics. Mock-ups also support fundraising efforts and generate enthusiasm for the project within the community.

Interior Restoration

EverGreene completed a comprehensive interior redecoration of the Cathedral, including: a historic finishes investigation and design of new decorative scheme; custom-designed artwork and murals; plaster restoration; decorative and commercial painting of the entire interior; conservation of historic statuary and other elements; design and decoration of the new dome; and restoration of the exterior steeple. Inspiration for the interior decoration of the Cathedral is based on 19th-century historical Romanticism with elements of Italian Renaissance and Byzantine styles. The design team was led by Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners LLP. EverGreene’s services in the finishes contract were provided as a design-build delivery system.

Steeple Restoration

Exterior restoration by EverGreene included design and construction of the steeple access, the gilding of five crosses; minor sheet metal and roofing repairs; and exterior painting of the steeples and dome.

Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners, LLP
General Contractor: Harbison Mahony Higgins Builders, Inc.
Construction Manager: Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

Planning: Pre-existing plaster damage

Planning: Exposure windows

Planning: Mural and lunette before restoration

Design: Rendering of sanctuary elevation design

Design: Rendering of new dome design

Design: Sketching pilaster design

Onsite Mock-up: Full-scale mock-up (onsite)

Interior Restoration: Sanctuary after restoration

Interior Restoration: New dome after completion

Interior Restoration: Chapel after completion

Steeple Restoration: Dome roof and cross during restoration

Steeple Restoration: Roof and cross after restoration

Steeple Restoration: Steeples and crosses after restoration

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