Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle

Washington, DC

This Beaux-Arts style cathedral (C. Grant Lafarge, 1893) was influenced by Italian Renaissance and Byzantine styles, and contains a very important group of murals and mosaics by Edwin Blashfield. EverGreene completed a comprehensive phased restoration and conservation of murals, mosaics, decorative painting, plaster, and over a dozen different types of stone. A new sgraffito decoration was designed and produced to replace the 1970 organ grill in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. Additionally, EverGreene designed a rolling scaffolding system that allowed the Cathedral to remain open for services during the phased restoration.

Architect: Oehrlein & Associates

After Restoration

Mosaic after conservation

Sgraffito wall

Ceiling mural after conservation

During mural conditions assessment

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