Meet Us At APT Northeast Annual Meeting & Symposium

Kelly Caldwell Director of
Kim Lovejoy Senior Business
Friday, March 1, 2024
In-Person and Virtual All-Day Symposium
UMASS Amherst, MA

Our preservation experts Kim Lovejoy and Kelly Caldwell will be attending this year’s symposium which focuses on the integration of preservation and facility management. With decades of experience, both Kim and Kelly understand the potential challenges of diversity, access, sustainability, and code consideration, particularly as they relate to adaptive reuse and historic restoration projects. They are looking forward to contributing to the conversations about:

  • Planning: documentation, master planning, emergency planning, maintenance, grants, community inclusion
  • Teamwork: working with facilities teams, caretakers, stewards, contractors, funding, preservation professionals
  • Designing: technical and aesthetically sensitive upgrades and evolving uses
  • Challenges of retrofitting and occupancy: energy, use of space, seismic, accessibility, size, finishes
  • Operational concerns: financial, coordination, scheduling, prioritization of work, closures

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Kim and Kelly to schedule a time to meet!