Mockups & Maquettes

EverGreene is frequently retained in the planning phase to work with owners, architects and preservation consultants. One of our services is the preparation of samples and full scale mockups on site that illustrate the artistic intent, quality of craftsmanship, materials and methods. A mockup is a full scale model for study, testing and display. It is the physical manifestation of the mutual understanding between our designers and the client of the building’s history and its future. It emerges from our interpretation of all of the factors and the relationship we have developed in collaboration with the project team.

The planning, research, and design process that leads to a mockup and maquettes may include discussion of various objectives, as well as art historical research, physical investigation, cleaning tests, paint analysis, renderings, color palettes, and alternative approaches and budgets. Making a mock- up provides an opportunity for fine- tuning techniques, forms, colors, and finishes. Often we will display mockups on-site, enabling you to share your vision with a larger audience, help understand the project scope, and inform about its details.