Venetian Plaster

Plaster has been used since ancient times to create smooth surfaces that could be decorated with elaborate paintings or other finishes. Venetian plaster is made primarily from ground limestone, granite, or marble powder that is combined with water to create a thick paste. After application onto brick, lath, narrow strips of wood or wire mesh, the plaster is left to cure before being polished. Plaster wall finishes deliver beautiful textures with a luxurious, natural feel.

Venetian plaster, also called lime plaster, is used in many historic buildings and is therefore often part of historic preservation and restoration initiatives.

Modern lime plaster compositions are easy to repair or patch. Most minor scuffs can be removed with a damp cloth, or light sanding of the surface, making it almost as flexible as paint in terms of maintenance. Plaster aggregates require more technical maintenance. Knicks, dents, stains often require replastering of entire wall sections, corner to corner.

Our two plaster studios in New York and Los Angeles employ experts in plaster investigation and composite testing, plaster conservation, design, molding, casting and fabrication, and the application of specialty plasters, including Venetian plaster.

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