Ask A Conservator Day

Curious to know what a conservator does day-to-day? You’re in luck; November 4th is #AskAConservator Day!

The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) has organized this campaign to encourage the exchange of knowledge among conservators and the general public around the world. The AIC promotes Ask a Conservator Day, which is celebrated annually in November. This global initiative offers the opportunity for dialogue about all things conservation and serves as an opportunity for conservation and preservation professionals to demonstrate the incredible ways our community works to preserve cultural heritage. 

As a leader in historic preservation with 10 Professional Associates and 2 AIC Fellows on staff, EverGreene is excited to share technical insights shared by our team of conservators. Feel free to contact us with additional questions that arise!

Enjoy these highlights from 2021 while you think of your questions:


1) What is your favorite treatment?

2) When working with reveal windows to establish original color campaigns, how do you know for sure which colors from different areas go together?


Brooke Russell, Conservator 

Question: What role does microscopy play in conservation?


Katharine George, Conservator