Paint Studies

Paint studies allow our conservation team to understand pathologies of paint failure and make recommendations for surface preparation to ensure that the next paint campaign will be durable. Steps we take to ensure a successful project include exposure windows and paint sample microscopy analysis.

An exposure window is created when an EverGreene conservator removes overpaint, layer-by-layer to reveal an original decorative scheme. Even when research has been done and perhaps photos of the historic finishes are available, the reveal is an often a highly rewarding process. Generally, several exposure windows are made in several locations of the building. This allows us to present the client with a carefully mapped, comprehensive decorative scheme of their building’s interior as it originally appeared.After our conservators remove paint samples through the exposure windows they perform a microscopy analysis in our labs. Their findings are then matched with Munsell colors to determine the precise original paint scheme of a space and make recommendations for restoration.