Architects Newspaper Fall 2021 Events

EverGreene returns to Architect Newspaper’s Annual Reuse & Renewal Summit on November 18th!

Join our Executive Chairman & Founder Jeff Greene on a panel with speakers from SOM, Quinn Evans Architects, and Severud Associates for All Aboard! Restoring Historic Railroad Terminals from 12:45 PM to 2:00 PM EST.

All Aboard! Restoring Historic Railroad Terminals:
This expert panel of the Summit will examine two such campaigns; the recently completed Moynihan Train Hall, which transformed the Farley Post Office into a state-of-the-art Amtrak station and office building; and the ongoing restoration work of the Michigan Central Station in Detroit. Environmental concerns will only continue to push preservation and re-use at the forefront of practice. Approaches to Preservation and Adaptive Re-Use will foreground exemplary projects; identify best-case practices for their completion; and spotlight emerging technologies within this exciting field. Watch it here.

Annual Reuse & Renewal Summit:
Over the last two decades, cities across North America have undergone something of a renaissance, reversing years of demographic and commercial decline in the process. There is an unlikely, but potent source behind this renewal: underutilized and abandoned historic structures. Because these extant buildings require upgrades to mitigate thermal bridging, outdated mechanical systems, and repair decayed facades, their revitalization presents an opportunity for the AEC industry writ large. America’s great rail terminals are a renewed interest in recent years for the architectural gems, and their catalytic role in revitalizing urban areas and transit networks, driving massive restoration projects.

Join Senior Vice President Mark Rabinowitz at the upcoming in-person Facades+ half-day event in Washington DC on Thursday, October 14th for a panel discussion with esteemed speakers from Beyer, Blinder, Belle; Design Hickok Cole; Simpson Gumpertz Heger; and OTJ Architects as they discuss work focused on Reduce, Reuse, and REPAIR from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM EST.  Grab a ticket to attend at the Washington Plaza Hotel. (Lunch will be provided).

Reduce, Reuse, and REPAIR:
The path to sustainability runs through adaptive reuse and architectural retrofit. Washington DC is home to grand Beaux-Arts edifices and more contemporary buildings and, as a result, is a hotbed for both strategies. Two firms in Washington DC, Hickok Cole and Beyer Blinder Belle, are leading the way in this regard, and these panel presenters will examine the dramatic retrofit of 1701 Rhode Island Avenue and the painstaking restoration of the under-utilized Carnegie Library.

Facades+ Washington DC:
This event is filled with tailor-made presentations and robust dialogue on high-level detailing of all things building skin. We invited leading specialists to present their most innovative projects with a regional flair. Throughout the day, you can expect to hear about the latest innovations in sophisticated glazing, the rigorous retrofitting of the iconic Carnegie Library and handcrafted copper overhaul of 1701 Rhode Island Avenue, as well as two new projects that go above and beyond the facade – literally – to incorporate the roof into a multifaceted and complex design. Following the symposium of exclusive projects, join in for the opportunity to network with other members of the AEC community in Washington DC.