When Your Project Needs A Specialist

Historic preservation is an art. It protects the historic integrity of a place and adapts to changed needs at the same time. As a historic restoration specialist, we foster stewardship of historic art and architecture, elevate experiences, and thereby enhance organizational and community performance.

What sets us apart:

Collaboration. Including a historic restoration expert early on helps formulate solutions that are not only the most strategic, cost-effective, and least disruptive, but also the most artistically pleasing and enduring. We facilitate stakeholder participation in the design process, ensuring a project aligns with the needs and aspirations of the people who will use and appreciate it.

Relationships. We work in lockstep with our partners and clients, staying focused on the overall vision while paying meticulous attention to every small detail. We eliminate challenges before they become problems, budget confidently, communicate openly so that executing is smooth and on track.

Quality. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, which has earned us the trust of our partners and clients alike. 300 awards in 45 years are testament of our dedication to providing best-in-class solutions for complex interior and exterior heritage preservation projects and of our commitment to always putting quality first.

Respect. We are respectful of others. And we respect the power of history and the inspiration that comes from it. Familiarity with public spaces makes it second nature to coordinate work schedules, organization, and cleanliness of a job site to least disrupt the usability of the spaces surrounding it.

Safety. We apply the highest standards of safety, loss control, and environmental protection to everything we do. Each of our 200+ employees receives regular safety training and can respond to chemical hazards to protect the safety of themselves and others. We comply with the stringent New York City Department of Buildings rules which in most cases exceed or supplement OSHA’s regulations.

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