Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse and space sharing are not only cost-effective trends, they are the most sustainable and community-minded choices. Abandoned or underused buildings that no longer serve their original purpose can be transformed into gathering places, theaters, schools, offices, or retail spaces. Instead of demolishing built environments to create new spaces, an existing one can often be adapted to a changed purpose, need, or use, allowing the historic character to remain.

By “recycling” the existing built environment communities can be revitalized and repurposed history-rich spaces have the power to revive neighborhoods, attract new businesses, and initiate continued development in surrounding areas.

As part of our restoration and architectural conservation work, we’ve been involved in many adaptive reuse projects and see the benefits first hand. Breathing new life into historic buildings, re-purposing underused spaces, modernizing existing infrastructure, and adapting them to changing needs is a tenet of EverGreene.