2022 APTNE Symposium

The 2022 theme for this year’s symposium is “Walking the Preservation Tightrope: Technology vs. Tradition,” and the all-day event will feature 11 presentations and one roundtable on topics ranging from projection mapping to climate-based design and from abrasive cleaning methods to replacement materials. Our team is thrilled to take part in these important conversations.

Preservation of the built environment requires a thorough understanding of historic construction and craftsmanship, but preservation professionals frequently walk the tightrope of integrating old construction with new technologies. Too much focus on either side and a building can lose historic character or risk becoming obsolete. As the world moves towards integrating new modes of technology into all phases of construction, we also risk the loss of knowledge from trades and craftspersons as younger generations are drawn towards the latest and greatest, at the expense of the tried and true.

Be sure to register for the hybrid event live in Hudson, NY, and virtually online to catch EverGreene’s session:

Adapting Traditional Techniques with Modern Technology for Murals & Architectural Ornament
Speakers: Kim Lovejoy & Katharine George
Date: Friday, February 25th
2:10-2:35 PM

EverGreene is proud to be a continued sponsor of APTNE and have our team present in person at the Annual Symposium!