Fresco (Italian: “fresh”) is a traditional technique for painting directly onto a wall or ceiling. Buon Fresco is the most durable technique. Water-based pigments are directly applied onto a fresh, thin layer of lime plaster—a chemically complex process that involves a high degree of craftsmanship and experience. As the colors dry and set, they become a permanent part of the wall or ceiling art. Secco Fresco is an alternative method, where dry plaster is painted, using pigments mixed with a binding medium.

While the fresco technique has been used for thousands of years, it is embraced and used by many contemporary artists. Our team of restoration and conservation specialists work hand in hand with our plaster craftsmen and mural artists to design new frescoes, restore existing ones, and preserve historic frescos by creating and implementing customized fresco conservation treatments, safeguarding them from the effects of time.