Preserving Public Art in the Modern American City

Silvia Callegari Conservator (SPEAKER)
Kim Lovejoy Senior BD Executive
Session 6
Thursday, June 22, 11:30AM–12:45PM
Hotel Marcel, New Haven, CT

Join us in New Haven for DOCOMOMO US National Symposium on June 21–24, 2023 for our presentation and to experience one of the country’s most densely woven collections of mid-century art, design, and architecture. This conference will explore the triumphs and complexities surrounding the design and building of the modern city and the impact on its communities.

Reach out to Kim if you’re interested in scheduling a meeting while in New Haven.

How does EverGreene proactively care for outdoor public art and spaces? Caring for modern public art collections needs to consider the type of materials, the artist’s intent, the location, and design goals. A proactive approach is required to preserve public art for future generations. Too often, art is installed in a vacuum without consideration for the community, its future, and the future of the display space.

This presentation will demonstrate the importance of location and material usage when planning a collection and its consequential maintenance program. The combination of a variety of material used in public art—some of which are less suitable for exterior use—requires the expertise of a conservator to create appropriate treatments for materials such as metals, masonry and modern paints and to anticipate and understand how they interact with each other and the environment.

1) Learn about collection management of art from a conservator’s perspective
2) Case studies of techniques for planning preventative maintenance
3) Learn about common conditions
4) Benefits of maintenance vs. major intervention
5) Demonstrate what conservation can contribute to the design and planning process for future projects.

The Docomomo US National Symposium is the primary event in the United States for those interested in the preservation of modern architecture. The National Symposium seeks to gather, discuss, share and explore this heritage, and consider its legacy and importance today. Held annually, this multi-day conference seeks to engage local participants in cities across the United States, offering participants the ability to interact with and explore a wide variety of significant modern architecture and sites.