Catholic Churches

“Artists of every discipline are called to make beauty shine, especially where darkness and drabness dominate everyday life. They are custodians of beauty, heralds and witnesses of hope for humanity, as my predecessors have repeatedly stated. I invite you, therefore, to care for beauty, and beauty will in turn heal many wounds that mark the hearts and souls of men and women today.” Pope Francis, 21st Joint Session of Pontifical Academies, 2016

For centuries the church has recognized that beautiful art and architecture invite the soul into the mysteries of faith. EverGreene brings fluency in Catholic iconography to the creation of new liturgical artistry programs and furnishings, providing expert consultations related to restorations and renewals of catholic church.

Our in-house design, conservation, mural, and plaster teams are formally educated in ecclesiastical precedent and theology. They are experienced in creating appropriate artwork in support of liturgy. EverGreene has been entrusted with the  preservation, restoration, and new design of hundreds of parish churches, cathedrals, and basilicas across the nation.