Preserving historic libraries.

“There’s More to the Story” is this year’s theme of national library week, recognizing not only the role that libraries play in our communities today, but also their historical significance. Many libraries across the country serve as valuable cultural and historical landmarks in their own right. Preserving these historic libraries is essential for maintaining our connection to the past and ensuring that future generations can benefit from their rich heritage. From preserving original architecture and art to conserving rare books, libraries play an important role in safeguarding these irreplaceable treasures.

The American Library Association (ALA) first sponsored National Library Week in 1958. As we celebrate its 65th anniversary, we are proud to be part of preserving our historic libraries and honor the valuable contributions of the professionals who work tirelessly to make this possible.

Learn more about one of our earliest projects at the Library of Congress to more recent restorations at the New York Public Library, Columbia University’s Low Memorial Library, and the monumental, award-winning historic restoration of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore.