Explore with EverGreene: Outdoor Art, Texas Edition

Image source: http://www.fortwortharchitecture.com/jett.htm

We’re itching to visit the Lone Star State. There’s so much to see! Let’s focus on Fort Worth’s Chisholm Trail Mural by Richard Haas that EverGreene restored. The mural covers the majority of the Jett Building at Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth.  Viewers are drawn to the image of longhorn cattle, which Haas used to represent the city of Fort Worth and its key business; however, take a closer look!   You will see that, in true Haas fashion, the mosaic tiles, windows, vertical columns, and other architectural details are also part of the mural.  Over the years, parts of the mural fell into disrepair.  EverGreene worked with Haas to visually unify all of the sections of the mural once again with the rest of the building.  New doorways and a new fountain were incorporated into the design, proving that outdoor art isn’t static but ever evolving with nature and time. The scope of EverGreene’s work included re-designing parts of the mural with Haas and executing these designs with Keim artist paint. So, take a trip to Fort Worth and see this spectacular mural!