Nationwide Service & Sculpting Capabilities

EverGreene is home to the finest plaster artisans in the country. Trained in the traditional techniques of sculpture and experienced in the practical requirements of ornamental plaster, EverGreene artisans can triumph over any restoration, replication, or new plaster design challenge. State-of-the-art conservation techniques are combined with traditional craftsmanship.

Studio sculptors can recreate missing elements from physical and archival evidence, or create and cast new ornament in plaster, glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG), and cast stone. EverGreene provides high-quality project planning, fabrication, restoration, and installation services nationwide. In the realm of restoration, the studio’s integrated services in plasterwork and decorative painting benefit schedules, coordination, and budgets.


Conditions Assessment & Treatment Recommendations

Plaster Consolidation & Reattachment

Three-coat Plaster Systems

Patching & Crack Repair

New Cast Ornament & Run-in-place Mouldings

Sculpting & Recasting Lost Ornament

Flat Plaster Restoration

Design Work & Artists’ Renderings

Shop Drawings

Original Architectural Sculpture & Bas-relief


Specialty Tinted Plasters & Marmorino

Hanging Systems for Plaster Ceilings

BASWAphon Seamless Sound Absorbing Plaster System

Pyrok Star Silent Acoustement