Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School

Hartford, CT

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – MLK Jr.

The Martin Luther King Jr. School was established in 1922 and designed by Frank Irving Cooper with Philip A. Mason. The school was a Collegiate Gothic masterpiece composed of three parts: a three-story main block for classrooms and two connected buildings for the gym and auditorium. However, after years of use and lack of upkeep, the building was in shambles. Parents were frustrated that their children attended school in a crumbling building, and the fight for restoration began. 

EverGreene analyzed the condition of the Martin Luther King Jr. School and found serious issues relating to the stability of the plaster ceiling. Many of the supports had been severed, and in many locations the pieces were cracked through, only being held in place by the fibers of the burlap reinforcement. To restore it to its fully supported, safe, historical condition, the ceiling coffers required a significant re-supporting endeavor. We removed the flat ceiling between the coffers to provide access and reinstated all the removed supports. Then we installed new cast replicated pieces where necessary. Once the ceiling was appropriately infilled, re-supported, and in plane with the surrounding pieces, crack repair and stabilization commenced. We patched holes, voids, and minor areas of loss to complete the project.

The Martin Luther King Jr. School proudly brought its students back to a shining school where their education will be nurtured in a safe environment.