Plaster Restoration

Prior to the widespread use of gypsum board (a.k.a sheetrock, drywall), plaster was the primary interior finishing material for creating even surfaces on walls and ceilings. Plaster is a multi-coat system comprised of a binder, such as lime or gypsum, or even clay, aggregate (typically sand, or specialized lightweight materials such as perlite), and water. Additives, including fibers, animal hair, and marble dust, were used to produce or enhance desired characteristics, such as flexibility, strength, aesthetic effects, or acoustic properties. These ingredients are combined to form a thick paste, which can be applied directly to masonry substrates, or to strips of wood lath or sheets of metal mesh. The final plaster coat, though typically troweled smooth, can be colored and/or tooled to create a wide variety of textured effects, including imitation stone. Today, many plaster contractors or firms regarded plaster as a luxury finish for new construction, with specialty finishes such as Venetian plaster gaining renewed appreciation as a contemporary finish in hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, retail environments, and residences.

Ornamental plaster refers to three-dimensional decorations made from gypsum and lime, including trim and moldings, as well as elaborate shapes cast from molds, such as rosettes, medallions, cartouches, urns, and figural sculptures. Plaster ornaments are common in historic buildings, contributing to dignified and uplifting environments in civic and religious structures, evocative and impressive settings for luxury residences, as well as flamboyant and fantastical spaces in movie palaces and theaters.

Our plaster restoration services include the preservation of existing, historic plaster, as well as the design, fabrication, and installation of new plaster and ornaments. In our plaster studios in New York and Los Angeles we employ a diverse group of plaster experts, trained in traditional sculpture, mold making, and casting techniques. We design, fabricate and implement any type of plasterwork, including architectural sculpture and bas relief, Venetian plaster, and scagliola.