A Celebration of Space Technology & Art

EverGreene continues to take pride in the unique opportunity to conserve some of the most significant aerospace artifacts in the United States, including the Saturn V, Skylab Test Module, and Atlantis Space Shuttle. Preserving these artifacts plays a vital role in sustaining the scientific and cultural heritage of our country.

With one foot in science and the other in the arts, our team has not only conserved spacecrafts, but also created expansive artworks with space-inspired motifs. Our artists have designed and conserved murals and mosaics displaying constellations, planets, and space exploration. Over the years, we have contributed to space-themed artworks in locations varying from theaters, churches, universities, and hospitals. Whether you prefer an art exhibit or museum of science, outer space offers something fascinating and inspiring for everybody!

Both artifacts that have roamed outer space and the artworks depicting such feats have the power to ignite innovation and creativity. For this reason, EverGreene is recognizing World Space Week from October 4th through 10th, an annual educational initiative officially declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999.

Space Week was first celebrated in 2000, with the UN’s global theme of “celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition.” In 2020, the WSW theme focused on “Satellites Improve Life,” seeking to highlight the importance of satellites. EverGreene was fortunate to provide a conditions assessment and conservation treatments on the two Vanguard Satellites. World Space Week 2022 celebrates “Space and Sustainability” to celebrate sustainability in space, and sustainability from space.