Modernize infrastructure with smart preservation.

While historic preservation and infrastructure modernization may, at first, sound like opposites, they share many of the same objectives. Both initiatives revitalize communities, improve quality of life, and boost the economy.

There is inherent value in updating existing venues to modern standards rather than tearing them down. Smart preservation combines both historic preservation and infrastructure modernization, to deliver contemporary standards while promoting a sense of culture, saving irreplaceable landmarks, and protecting the environment. Retention and reuse are no longer only idealistic, fringe pursuits. They are desirable, sustainable, and responsible choices.

For over 40 years, EverGreene has partnered with contractors, developers, and architects to preserve many of America’s most significant treasures. Our clients and partners rely on our design and problem-solving capabilities, diverse expertise, and quality craftsmanship when repurposing historic structures, integrating modern amenities into historic spaces, and preserving original art.

Collaborating with EverGreene opens up new opportunities for restoration and modernization, increasing the prestige of your portfolio and delivering impressive, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly results.

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