Murals, Mosaics & Art

A Trusted Source for Surfaces, from Preparation to Paint.

EverGreene Architectural Arts has pioneered mural practices for over 40 years. Over 600 of EverGreene’s murals adorn hotels, restaurants, retail stores, offices, museums, theaters, theme parks, private homes, and places of worship.

EverGreene’s in-house Mural Studio is home to our talented artists, who bring master craftsmanship knowledge from around the world, art and conservation degrees, and years of experience to their work. They hold the skills to realize a wide range of visions and styles, from reproducing classical images to creating new and innovative designs.

Our team has a wealth of experience in mural removal, transport, and installation into new locations. This expertise requires a deep understanding of the mural medium, the subsurface materials, and the physical demands of handling large-scale artwork. We have successfully extracted, moved, and re-installed a variety of noteworthy works created in plaster, cement, canvas, and other materials for murals.

Watch the video below to see our artists at work recreating a mural for the Rose Main Reading Room in the New York Public Library.