Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament

Sacramento, CA

From August 2003 until November 2005, Sacramento’s historic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament closed for extensive remodeling to unify the church’s décor from numerous previous repairs and renovations throughout the years. For this grand project, EverGreene did in-depth research, completed a historic finishes investigation and designed a new decorative scheme. We worked with the architect to develop building specifications, maquettes and decorative finishes design documents for the newly reconstructed dome and all of the other public spaces.

Inside the Cathedral, EverGreene recreated decorative elements that had been lost or painted over and, where no historical reference of decoration existed, designed new decoration and murals compatible with the chosen scheme. Our craftsmen restored plaster work, conserved historic statuary and we did decorative and commercial painting of the entire Cathedral interior.

EverGreene also designed and constructed the steeple access, gilded five crosses, executed minor sheet metal and roofing repairs, and painted the exteriors of the steeples and dome.