Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens Fabergé Regimental Desk Clock Assessment—Private

Washington, DC

Condition assessment with photo-documentation of a Fabergé silver desk clock

From www. Hillwoodmuseum. Org:

This clock was presented by the officers of the Imperial Horse Guards to Grand Duke Pavel Aleksandrovich, uncle of Nicholas II and their regimental commander, on the occasion of the end of his command. It displays the regimental banner of the Horse Guards on the front, and the names of fifty-five fellow officers are engraved on the back. The chief decoration comprises military drums that serve as inkwells, drums that can be used as candleholders, and trophies rendered in silver gilt. A concealed music box within the clock plays The March of the Imperial Guards.

The marble base, mounted in silver with silver feet, is in two main sections, the lower section rectangular in front and with curved ends. At the front is a cartouche with laurel leaves, the cipher [transcription] surmounted by the Russian imperial crown and a cluster of armor, helmet with the double-headed eagle, drums, trumpets, standards, swords, etc. , all this being in silver gilt. At either end is a drum-shaped candleholder in silver gilt with royal blue enamel decorated with the ciphers of Alexander III and Nicholas II and stars of the imperial orders in silver on the royal blue enamel ground. On the small marble section sits the rectangular clock in the shape of a tapering rectangular. This is in silver with royal blue enamel and surmounted by a statuette of the imperial double-headed eagle with the imperial crown all in silver gilt.