Mark Lere Outdoor Sculpture

University of Southern California , Los Angeles, CA

EverGreene was hired to rig, relocate and conserve seven sculptures located at Lovine Young Hall and Bloom Walk at the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles, CA.

The work consisted of developing a rigging plan to properly stabilize, rig, transport, and reset the “Living Lightning,” “Nuevo Kiora,” “Inverted Cone,” “Shroud,” “Bench,” and a bronze plaque. 

The “Nuevo Kiora” sculpture was repaired by welding the top section to the rest of the sculpture, patinating the repair, and applying a hot wax treatment to the entire bronze sculpture. 

The Mark Lere “Shroud” was cleaned, repatinated and hot waxed to provide a durable protective finish. And his  “Inverted Cone” sculpture was repaired where it suffered from previous damage. The fiberglass top was stripped, sanded and refinished.

Our team provided a treatment report to the client with recommendations for the long term care of the pieces.