Top 20 Of 2020

As we look back on 2020, we’re thankful for all the people who make EverGreene so great. The exemplary work of our teams has rooted our company in quality and craft. In a celebratory spirit, we will highlight a variety of EverGreene’s 2020 projects, successes, and endeavors over the next 20 days. We invite you to follow along as we celebrate our Top 20 of 2020! 

We know that creativity is not reserved for professionals. We’ve enjoyed seeing creativity come to life in a new way in 2020. With more individual time at home, many have adopted creative hobbies to stay busy and engaged. Whether you’ve learned how to paint, use Photoshop, or sew, we’d love to see how you’ve embraced the arts this year. Please post a project you’ve worked on in 2020 and tag us with #EAATop20 and we’ll share it on our story! Don’t know where to start? Download our custom coloring book featuring some of our favorite historical projects. 

Each day the numbered square will reveal a highlight from this year and will also be posted to our social media. Check out our channels here! 




Our restoration and conservation expertise has taken us all across the country to 38 state capitols! This year we engaged in projects at 6 state capitol buildings and the U.S. Capitol.
It’s been quite a year for our conservators! With 2 AIC Fellows and 13 AIC Professional Associates, we’ve continued to expand and strengthen our conservation team and services, encompassing everything from steam and laser cleaning to microscopy.
Ever wonder what our staff creates outside EverGreene? Our Artists at Home collection — launched during the first weeks of quarantine — displays the diverse artistic talent of our team. This online gallery goes to show that EverGreene’s creativity extends beyond our offices and job sites!
When the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright Unity Temple was revived from 2015 to 2017, EverGreene conservators and craftspeople conserved and restored the interior finishes. This $25 million restoration was recently highlighted in a film narrated by Brad Pitt. Watch the whole process of the restoration and maybe even see a few EverGreeners along the way!
We approach our work in sacred spaces with particular sensitivity to purpose. We’re passionate about restoring and conserving houses of worship of all faiths because they gather people together. We’ve missed the rich sense of community these places cultivate.
We recently collaborated on the restoration of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. This October, the Boston Preservation Alliance recognized our project with a Preservation Achievement Award and celebrated our work as an overall Fan Favorite!
Jobsite safety is a matter of human dignity, and at EverGreene, it’s a top priority. With extra safety guidelines, EverGreeners across the country continued to deliver quality craftsmanship at 19 open job sites at the height of the pandemic. Sending special thanks and appreciation to all our teammates near and far!
Coming back to our Brooklyn HQ in June took quite a bit of reconfiguration and additional safety protocols. A HUGE thank you to all at EverGreene and Industry City for ensuring a safe return. They sustained our business functionality and health of our employees along with all our neighbors on the IC campus.
Safety has always been our top priority, and this year is no exception. Starting every day with Stretch & Flex is a mandatory routine. We abide by OSHA rules and regulations on every jobsite. Annually, our staff participates in Safe + Sound Week to promote the protection, health, and safety of on-site employees. This pre-COVID video reminds our team of the importance of stretching to prevent potential injury.
Perhaps these past few months indoors have been filled with hours of reading. If you’ve finished your book list, returning to libraries might be on your mind. We’re looking forward to revisiting the New York Public Library and our favorite local libraries to get our hands on a few classics while admiring the art and architecture.
Preservation Maryland shines a spotlight on the tireless work of volunteers, architects, artisans, and legislators who protect the places that make this state such a special place to live, work, and play. Our team is thrilled to be recognized for the renovation and modernization of Enoch Pratt Free Library by the City of Baltimore with a Preservation Artisan Award!
College campuses are adapting now more than ever, but one thing remains constant — our commitment to ongoing maintenance at institutions of higher education. We’ve continued to return to Columbia University to conserve and restore the interior and exterior spaces, sculptures, and monuments, keeping this Ivy League at its best!
Despite the temporary closure of theaters across the country, we continued to support these important venues through restoration and conservation work. We know that the theater community bands together in times of adversity. We’ve seen them keep the arts alive in new ways over this challenging year!
Our Executive Chairman and Founder Jeff Greene has recently embraced new technology on platforms like Zoom so he can continue to share his expertise as conferences go virtual. His recent presentation on black light murals and the use of UV light in conservation will be featured in the Architectural Finishes Research (AFR) conference in January.
We’ve found that throughout 2020, our loved ones keep us strong! We’re excited to share that our fearless leader President Alan Weiner got married this fall!
Did you know we have an office in sunny Los Angeles? Throughout the year our team executed work for 10 active projects in California, one of our favorites being the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. It was exciting to return to this historic site to conserve the exterior after our award-winning preservation of the interior murals just two years prior.
Rockets, satellites, and decorative finishes? World Space Week was the perfect opportunity to celebrate both our aerospace projects and space-inspired artwork. From conserving the Saturn V Rocket to painting silver-leaf designs of the zodiac, our projects really are out of this world!
Our roots in NYC run deep, so we’re always thrilled when our projects throughout the city are celebrated. This year, the New York Landmarks Conservancy recognized our work at the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court with a Lucy G. Moses Preservation Project Award!
Many of EverGreene’s staff members value sharing our passion for historic preservation with the younger generations. By engaging in community initiatives and professional development, we’ve passed on our expertise this year in numerous ways, paving the way for young artists, craftspeople, and students to pursue a career in the A/E/C industry.
As we reflect on 2020, we are filled with gratitude and appreciation for the perseverance and commitment of our clients, employees, and industry partners throughout this challenging year. Looking back, we are reminded of the remarkable talent, dedication, and generous spirit of our employees – a spirit deeply rooted in quality and craft and at the very heart of EverGreene’s foundation.